Who is PupVenture? 

We are Lauren & Alison, dog-walker extraordinaires. 

We met when we were both working in hospitality in downtown Raleigh. We bonded over how cute our dogs are and our mutual desire to some day work with animals.

That's when we decided to open Pupventure. We intend on building long lasting and trustworthy relationships with our furry clients.

Meet Lauren 

Lauren grew up with all kinds of animals, from farm animals - chickens and horses - to house animals - dogs, cats, and even rats. 


She has worked at a doggy day care and a natural, local dog and cat supply store.


Beyond owning her two dogs, Billie and Koda, she has also fostered both cats and dogs.

Meet Alison 

Alison had cats and lots of fish as a kid. As she grew up, she knew she needed a dog,


That's when she adopted her dog Kaia. Soon she started walking her friends dogs and pet sitting when she could.


Most recently, she has gotten a puppy named Shark Attack.