Overnight Camp

Going on vacation? So is your dog! Feel at ease knowing your dog will be having as much fun as you are at Lauren or Alison's house. There, they will enjoy all day play and socialization with Billie, Koda, Shark Attack, and Kaia in a safe, secure, and comfortable home environment.

Your dog will be treated as one of our own while maintaining behavioral standards through positive reinforcement. You will be sent updates including photo/videos of your dog's daily adventures.

Prices: $40/night

             $25 for an extra sibiling

Drop In Visits


We come to your house to provide companionship, care, and cuddles! Each drop in includes food, change of water, dog walk, play time, and kitty litter scooped. We also send a picture or video of your pet. For cats we come once a day, for dogs we come a minimum of two times a day with a maximum of up to four times a day.

This service is great for senior dogs, special needs dogs, cats, and dogs that feel most comfortable at home. We also include watering of plants, bringing in mail and packages, and turning of blinds.

*Price includes all pets.*

Price: $20 - 1/2 hour visit

           $12 - each additional visit in a day

Please Note: If you live farther than 7 driving miles from your sitter, there will be a gas surcharge.